I am a mother of two, a dreamer, a foodie and an explorer.

When I was young, I started to play with compact camera's and loved going through my mum's old studio portrait pictures from the sixties. Later I discovered the SLR and a new world opened up to me. Even so, photography stayed a hobby for a long time. But after a decade in the financial industry, I decided to follow my heart and become a full time photographer.

It's my passion to paint with the camera. I created my own style, where I play with movement, colour and light, which gives my work a surreal and painterly look. Photography for me is a way to chase my dreams and to leave bad dreams behind. A place to find my inner self and to release emotions. During the process I don't plan ahead, but just follow my intuition. I work a lot in nature, either during my travels or in the landscapes near my home in Hilversum.

Nature inspires me, but people do as well. It gives me great pleasure to bring out the spirit and beauty of a person. No photo session is ever the same, which keeps it fun. I would love to capture the important moments in your life. So if you are looking for a photographer for a portrait, a wedding, a newborn, maternity or another occasion please contact me for a free consult.